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As a teacher, Asaf uses a unique approach to teaching rhythm and time, which coordinates Western Grooves together with the Indian school, an approach which result in greater rhythmic openness and overall better service of music.

“The workshop was great. The professional approach you brought was amazing and I really related to what you said about us being of service all the time. I have to say that the way you taught us rhythm changed my whole process of approaching a new piece of music. You made the whole rhythmic thing be much less scary than before.”


Guy Dvir, saxophonist

In his ongoing education, Asaf has graduated from Amsterdam Conservatory Jazz department, studied and played with South India's top musicians such as Ravichandra Kulur, Guitar Prasanna and with Persian music master Eyal Mani.

Currently, Asaf is expanding his versatility by focusing on the Double Bass practice and the ultimate practice of complete relaxation that has profoundly enriched his musical and professional abilities.

“The things that the workshop gave me – a way to approach a new piece, tools for rhythmic creativity and new approach to practice with a metronome. I liked that you use the word 'service' throughout the workshop because it reminds to be there for one another and to be alert.”


Yahav Kanar, drummer

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