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"Asaf Rabi has a rare musical combination of groove and originality alongside stability and confidence. When all these come in one package with responsibility, punctuality and high service awareness, the combination is already too close to perfection ... "

Tom Cohen, Jerusalem East & West Orchestra Musical Director and Head Conductor

As a sideman, Asaf has been playing performing and recording with Artists such as Amir Benayoun, Berry Sakharof, Shuli Rand and countless others. Asaf has joined the Jerusalem East & West Orchestra in 2015 where he supports the grooves of North African and Arabic music and accompany Artists such as, Ziv Yekhezkel, David Broza and Nasrin Qadri.


Current projects include Persian Fusion band 'Mekhilta', Folk Group 'Alma' and a Duo with Singer/song writer Shira Kerner.

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