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Rhythm & Freedom Workshop -

The Ability to Make Everyone Sound Better

 by Asaf Rabi

"I have to say that the way you taught us really changed my process of approaching a new chart I get. You made the rhythm issue be much less scary than it was before. The professional attitude you brought was amazing"

– Guy Dvir, Saxophonist

The main mission of the "Rhythm & Freedom" workshop is to empower one's ability to make the ensemble sound better. We are refining the sense of rhythm and pulse.


The theoretical basis of the workshop is based on bringing together the Indian school of rhythm and western grooves, and how this unity can give us rhythmic freedom, stability and confidence in any style, as well as new inspiration for creativity.

Video from the workshop (with English subtitles)
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My Channel

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The results:


  • Stable and more healthy sense of pulse, accurate time and groove, playing 'tighter' and easeful.

  • An ability of uniting the sounds and playing of the musicians in the group, one's playing is more content.

  • General wider perception of rhythm dimensions.

  • An ability to learn repertoire faster, whether simple or complex rhythmically.

  • New rhythmic tools for creativity for compositions and improvising.

"The things that the workshop gave me: a new way to work on a new piece, tools for rhythmic creativity and a new approach for working with a metronome. I really liked that you have used the word 'service' because it reminds me that we are of service to each other, be there for one another with our playing and be alert."

- Yahav Kaner, Drummer

Asaf is a very active teacher and bassist is Israel and touring musician. He has been playing in the "Jerusalem Orchestra East & West", various productions in Israel, and with international musicians such as Ravichandra Kulur, Guitar Prasanna, Digasn trio and Charlie Mariano.

Asaf has a Jazz Bachelor Degree from the Amsterdam Conservatory.

contact:  |  +972 (0) 52 5282383

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